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Spinifex Minerals – Surface Water Assessment and Flood Study, Abrasive Minerals Project, Kimberley

Lundstrom Environmental Consultants (LEC) conducted a surface water assessment and flood study over a proposed mining area and access road for the Spinifex Abrasive Minerals Project in the West Kimberley. An analysis of peak flows was conducted in 2D hydraulic modelling software for various annual exceedance probability (AEP) and probable maximum flood (PMF) design rainfall events. The assessment also included a desktop study and literature review to describe the existing surface water environment including regional and local catchments, surface water features, stream flows and directions, and water quality. Potential impacts of surface water and flooding were identified and management recommendations were provided. Seasonal climatic changes on surface water were also evaluated.

Main Roads Western Australia and ATCO – Dewatering Management Plan, Bunbury

Lundstrom Environmental recently completed a Dewatering Management Plan for Main Roads WA and ATCO, required for the relocation of gas infrastructure as part of a new roundabout at Vittoria Road in Bunbury. LEC was also involved in the monitoring of the dewatering works on site to conform to environmental commitments and water quality standards.

DM Civil – Water Quality Effluent Monitoring

Lundstrom Environmental has undertaken numerous on site dewatering effluent monitoring jobs for DM Civil construction projects, ensuring the safe disposal or recycling of effluent. LEC regularly undertakes environmental assessment, approvals, and on site water monitoring for disposal or recycling, to conform to environmental commitments and water quality standards, in both metro and regional WA.

St John Ambulance WA – Environmental Due Diligence, Kelmscott Urban Development

Lundstrom Environmental undertook an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) providing preliminary advice on the potential/existing environmental constraints for a property development in the Perth metro area. A desktop study was followed by a site walkover including lithology logging, and soil sampling and analysis for potential contaminants such as asbestos, hydrocarbons, pesticides/herbicides, and metals. LEC provided advice on further investigations required, and recommended management measures. LEC also provided project management for geotechnical investigations required for construction and development of the site.

B & J Catalano Pty Ltd – Exploration Licence, Goodwood Road Gravel Quarry, Southwest WA

Lundstrom Environmental has obtained an exploration licence at Goodwood Road, Capel timber reserve. Surveys are being carried out to support applications for Programme of Work (PoWs) and a Mining Lease application, with Mining Proposal and Mine Closure Plans also to be provided by LEC.

Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale – EPA Environmental Impact Assessment, Scrivener Road Gravel Reserve

Lundstrom Environmental worked as the Principal Consultant for the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale in preparing an ESD and PER for submission to the EPA in regard to an extraction proposal for their Scrivener Road Gravel Reserve. This project incorporated the coordination of specialist consultants who undertook Heritage Assessment, Noise Assessment, Dieback Assessment, Flora and Fauna Assessments at the Level 2 requirement together with the Shire officials in regard to Traffic Risk Assessment and Community Consultation.

Main Roads Western Australia – Groundwater Management Advice

We have been contracted by Main Roads WA to provide groundwater management advice for a number of basic raw material sites and road works in the South West. More specifically, Main Roads WA requires an assessment of the historical high water levels, in order to comply with the DWER and local Shire environmental policy requirements and for project development.

B & J Catalano Pty Ltd – Acid Sulfate Soils Investigation, Donningtons Gravel Quarry, Chittering

Lundstrom Environmental has managed all approvals necessary for the extraction of over 1.5million tonnes of laterite gravel from this property in Chittering. This project included an assessment for Acid Sulfate Soils (ASS), comprising soil sampling and field and laboratory testing, to rule out the possibility of “acid mine drainage” at the extraction site. LEC also developed and implemented a plan for management and monitoring of potential acidity issues during mining at the site, incorporating water quality testing of detention ponds.

B & J Catalano Pty Ltd – Lots 4 and 5 Ludlow Road Limestone Quarry, Southwest WA

In 2020 we achieved approval after complicated negotiations with DCCEEW, DWER and the Shire of Harvey. This project approval allows for the clearing of 8ha of conservation significant native vegetation and 12ha of limestone extraction near Lake Preston. This provides high quality lime for use as aglime. LEC continues to be involved in the project overseeing implementation of project commitments and compliance with approval conditions.

A1 Gravel Pty Ltd – Chitty Road Gravel Quarry

Lundstrom Environmental provided A1 Gravel with specialist advice in regard to planning approval together with obtaining works approval and licencing on the premises from DWER. LEC continues to undertake annual compliance for the operations on this site.

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LEC is currently project managing an exploration licence application at Goodwood Road, Capel. Surveys are being carried out to support applications for a Mining Lease, with Mining Proposal and Mine Closure Plans also to be provided by LEC.

LEC welcomes new environmental consultant Amanda Broome. Amanda brings a wealth of experience in the field of environmental science and policy.